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Designing Your Military Coins

military coinsWhether you already have a design in mind for your military coins or you want to copy an existing one, the talented and skilled graphic artists of custom coin manufacturers will be there to guide you through the design process. Following is the common process used in designing  coins

First Step: Send Your Files/Ideas

Most custom coin manufacturers use the PC as primary platform. Some will require special files or templates which limits your options. The better ones will accept drawings, scanned images, and image descriptions. Their artists and crafts men will turn your wonderful ideas into special and unique designs that will definitely meet your expectations and merit your approval. You can even send the files containing your designs or descriptions to their email addresses. The most commonly accepted are the following file extensions: 7z, doc, docx, eps, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, ping, ppt, pptx, psd, qti, rar, svg, tga, tif, txt, and zip.. You may also include any details and ideas that help with the design of your custom coins, and of course your contact information.

Second Step: Choose the Coin Shape

Good custom coins manufacturers use state of the art and unique mold processes to craft custom shapes with no additional cost to the customer. If you’re thinking of dog tags, stars, insignias, emblems, traditional circular designs, or bottle openers for the shape of your military coins, they’ve got it all covered for you. All custom coins start as round coins where the excess is cut away to make the shape according to your design. This is the reason why you get more real estate if you use a round design. But don’t worry. Custom shapes are usually free of charge.

Third Step: Choose the Metal Style

The metal style of your custom coins adds aesthetic value and can reflect the achievements of the individuals they will be presented to as well as the ideals of the group. The metal style choices are not limited to gold, silver, and copper. They also come in antique finish for that more traditional feel or polished for that added glimmer. Here are the common metal style options available:

–  Gold (comes in polished or antique finish)
–  Silver (comes in polished or antique finish)
–  Brass (comes in polished or antique finish)
–  Copper (comes in polished or antique finish)
–  Black Nickel
–  Duo Tone (Two metal styles of your choice)

Fourth Step: Choose Coin Options

After the design has been finalized and the shape and metal styles have been chosen, there are still a wide range of options that will add even more value to your custom military coins – from improving the look and feel to adding protection to the coins. You can choose from any of the following:

–  3D Designs
–  Bottle Openers
–  Coin Capsules
–  Coin Cutouts
–  Edge Designs
–  Engraved Text
–  Epoxy Coating
–  Keychain attachments
–  Offset Digital Printing
–  PVC Pouches
–  Sequential Numbering
–  Translucent Enamel
–  Velvet Bags
–  Velvet Boxes

That’s all there is to designing your custom military coins. For the production up to delivery, most custom coin manufacturers also use a simple four step process:

Step 1. They will send you a quote based on the design that has been agreed upon by following the design process.

Step 2. They will send you a proof design that you can review and assess if it meets your requirements.

Step 3. You will approve the design and the quoted price for manufacturing to commence.

Step 4. They will deliver your custom coins to your doorstep.