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Picking Out Funeral Homes

Determining which funeral homes to choose should appear easy, but it’s actually not. You have a lot of questions to ask and a lot of things to consider. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out in making that important decision.

Meeting with the Funeral Director

Some do this first, while some choose to do this last. Regardless of your preference, the funeral director should be knowledgeable enough to respond to your queries and to clarify any confusions you may have. He should also appear confident in dealing with you as you do business with him.

Ideally, your conversation should begin with the director asking you on how the funeral will be done. Then, the funeral director will inform you if he can cooperate with you. You could also advise the director of any last wishes or any requests of the deceased person’s family or the deceased person himself – perhaps those also could be granted by the funeral homes.

Consider Costs

How much will it cost, you ask? Well then, you’d be receiving a General Price List that contains all the prices for the services you can receive. If you don’t like walking or travelling, then you can just ask for the prices over the phone and they’d be glad to give it to you.

Is the funeral homes company you’re eyeing offering affordable rates for its services? You can also check for any promotions and packages you can possibly take advantage of – this’ll help you save more while getting more.


Services Offered

Usual services provided include embalming and preparation of the body, viewing, and the actual memorial services. There are additional services as well such as using a limousine and hearse, the use of outer burial containers and cremation.

Contrary to what you may think, not every funeral home has all these services, or may not be immediately included in a promotion or package. This is because not everyone is able to take advantage of these services due to personal preferences such as, but not limited to, religion.

To ensure that you’re able to get the services you desire for your loved one, check with the company which services are available, and which ones you can avail with additional fees.

The Funeral Home Itself

Certain factors also have to be met by the funeral home, such as:

  • Where is the funeral home located?
  • Is the funeral home spacious enough to accommodate all your guests?
  • Does it have the amenities and facilities you prefer to have?
  • Does it look clean, presentable and well-maintained?

Your response to all these questions will actually give you a peek on how the mortuary is managed. If everything is well-kept down to the last detail, then that’s good news – it means that details are important to them, and that implies that they will also attend to the smallest detail that you’re going to give them.


How They Treat You

So perhaps you’ve asked around. How does each company treat you? Did you feel like you were just an interruption, or were you welcomed for doing business with them? Did the staff treat you well and ask you to explain what you specifically want?
Good ones should make you feel comfortable; they should not act like you’re just ‘another business transaction.

Reputation and Feedback

Is there anyone you know who hired them for their services? What did they say about the funeral homes company? Did they receive good feedback?

Usually good funeral companies are known through word of mouth. You hear from them from relatives, colleagues or friends who have once lost their beloved and have tried out their services. These are good references; you get to hear firsthand what they’ve dealt with – both good and bad.


There are a lot of things to consider in choosing funeral homes. Aside from your discussions with the funeral director, you also have to consider how much to spend, how the funeral home looks like, and what services and facilities do they provide. It’s also important to see how well they treat you, because you’ll be doing business with them for the next few days or weeks.
Be careful in choosing; you’d want to spend the last few moments with your beloved with least problems as possible, so pick out a funeral home that’ll assist you and give everything you need.


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