Month: March 2016

Customized Neck Lanyards: A Fantastic Way to Promote Your Business

Neck lanyardsNeck lanyards have become a part of everyday accessories. Almost everyone is wearing it or at least holding on to it.

Lanyards have always been used to keep small items secured and accessible. You can use it to hold your mobile phone, your keys, or even your flash disk. The most common users of necklanyards are students and employees. They use these to carry their IDs as the lanyards also have their school or office’s name printed on it.

Looking at how schools and even government agencies use this item, lanyards can also be used to advertise a certain brand. Other than helping you identity where a person attends school or works from, these items also helps promote business as it carries the brand name.

Using Customized Lanyards for Promotion

Customized lanyards are the most commonly sought for item by companies. Using these, they are able to place their own design, whether it’s their company name or their logo. Employees use these to attach their pens, mobile phones, and other items. This helps in identifying where they work. At the same time, people become familiar with the company’s name. This makes it an effective means for businessmen to reach out to their target market.

To further reach out to their target market, companies use lanyards to hold IDs of those participating in their event. Schools also use this to attract new students by making their lanyards attractive for teens and kids.

Whenever there’s a school fare or a high school event such as soccer competition, dance show, concerts or fund raisers, customized lanyards are used. The school, sometimes, allow school organizations to customize their own depending on what even they are sponsoring or for their own organization identification use.

Businesses also use lanyards to promote their business by giving it as giveaways. If they sponsor an event, their name can also be included in the lanyards. In some instances, they have participants use their own customized lanyards to hold name tags or business cards. This is not only to attract potential supporters but also other clients as well. Giving them can provide an impact to the recipient. This is, after all, one of the most useful items they can have.

Promotional customized neck lanyards are not new. In fact they have been used even by brands to attract customers. Even toy stores sell lanyards kids will love. Teens have lanyards hanging on their neck as it holds their mobile phones and digital cameras. There are even those who customized it with catchy lines that attract a wider range of market.

Using Neck Lanyards to Secure Items and to Style

As many people fancy using lanyards, certain companies are also using it as their brand’s additional merchandize. Teenagers and even kids usually have a neck lanyard to keep their items close to them. Some of these carry cartoon characters as design or simply have their names on it. This also allows them to use their mobile phones or USBs as accessories.

For adults, using lanyards seem to add that authoritative feel especially as it identifies them either as a participant, or a member of a group. Organizations use this to hold their member’s ID. In some instances, the members, themselves, use this outside organization use either to hold keys or other important items.

Perhaps the best use for neck lanyards, other than promotional or for stylish reasons, is safety of the item. It helps you become hand free from the item while keeping it safe from those who want to snatch it.

Customized lanyards are a great item to have. You can have it designed with your business’ name or simply add a few creative details to it and make it as a product to sell. Either way, its usefulness makes it a must-have by many people. It allows them to be hands-free from the item. And as they use this more, others get to know your brand and become familiar with it.

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A History of Golf Shirts and Apparel

Golf shirts and apparel have come quite a long way from what it used to be. There are plenty of golf wear companies out there to choose from that produce some of the best threads a man can wear on the green.

What most people don’t know about modern day golf wear is how they all evolved throughout history. There was a time when some people didn’t even want to wear what they wore to the golf course for an everyday casual affair, but that’s for later.

Here’s a short discussion of some of the earliest clothes worn during the early days.

No kilts back in the old days

When people hear of golf, some people might have an imagine spot where they see a Scotsman playing the sport while wearing a kilt. The idea that Scotsmen wear kilts as a form of golf apparel has been popularized by new shirts
In reality, golf was actually banned by the parliament of Scotland somewhere around 1457. The sport didn’t gain popularity in Scotland until about 300 years later during the 17th century. So golf shirts and apparels weren’t exactly in vogue during this time.

So, for anyone who thinks of Scotsmen wearing kilts while whacking a golf ball on the green should really learn to get their history straight.

The 19th Century

During this time, the world of golf saw big changes in the clothes that they wore on the golf course.

An 1897 issue of Harper, a magazine, had an article on golf shirts and clothing. The photographs showed men wearing newsboy caps, pants, as well as long sleeved shirts.

During these days men also decided to tuck in their pants into boots that were knee-high. A few years later, light-colored trousers as well as jackets were all the rage during this time in Canada.

A man who was in desperate need for sponsors

During the early days of gold, a man named Henry Cotton was seeking sponsorship to play the game he loved. Eventually, he found himself knocking on the doorstep of so many different names offering to change his name for sponsorship.
Golf equipmentHe agreed to change his surname Cotton to others like, Piquet, Banlon, Nylon, Polyester and even Doubleknit. Alas, despite the man’s eagerness to change his name into a different fabric he never did get any offers for sponsorship. Just goes to show how difficult it can be to get sponsorship from companies that sold golf shirts.

How things are going nowadays

Nowadays golf wear has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when people were still too shy to wear golfing attire anywhere outside the golf course.

Today’s modern golf wear looks something appropriate for occasions even outside of the golf course. In fact, some people have even begun to prefer to modern golf attire for simple everyday affairs like having lunch or dinner.

The current favoritism towards golf wear is mainly a result of just how far they’ve gone in terms of comfort and design.Today’s shirts for playing golf have a strong tendency to use lightweight and very breathable fabric. This results in shirts that are very easy and comfortable to wear.

The reason why they’re so breathable is because manufacturers know just how much walking around the green is involved in playing a round of golf.Not only that, but the design and fashion sense has also evolved into something more modern and mainstream.

Current rule in golf courses

There used to be a day when people were limited with the kind of clothes that they could wear when on the green. Nowadays, most golf courses or clubs allow golfers to wear practically whatever they want on the green. The idea of having a dress code is outdated and is probably one of the major reasons for why golf shirts has evolved the way it has today.